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Keegan Kade is a 21 year old bright-eyed and bushy-tailed whore who is about to be treated the way she couldn’t imagine. Motivated by money, especially when you don’t have any, you will see how she breaks down when hands are put on her while she is being face fucked. She almost quit but she powered through it all. She got very emotional as the cocks went down her throat. Once she got through brutal face fucking, the guys took turns fucking her in various positions before they dumped their load all over her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Skye Avery 3

For a whore to come back 3 times within 4 months, she must really love this kind of stuff. Skye Avery is back and this time she got to spill her guts, which is no easy task for a deep throat queen. Jay D had her all to himself and used up all her holes however he wanted. He fucked her in the ass so deep, you can see it go right through her pussy. This is a must watch scene from this Face Fucking alum.

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Face Fucking Presents: Brooklyn Moore

Brooklyn Moore is a 31 year old whore from Vegas who think she has what it takes to be a porn star. Whores like her will say anything to get their foot in the door and say things like this sort of scene is “easy”. She will learn the hard way and find out that FaceFucking is unlike any other porn. She was way out of her league and her lay there and do nothing attitude wasn’t going to cut it for Pauly and Jay D. They taught her the difference between making porn and being a whore providing her holes for some random guy to stick his cock in.

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