Face Fucking Presents: Victoria Monet 3

Victoria Monet will be learning new tricks tonight, this old whore comes back for a 3rd time. She will be taking on 3 cocks; the triple team of JD, Sam and Pauly Harker. The guys go from mouth to pussy to ass, she takes the cock in rotation, she can take dick as long as you can give it to her. After being throat fucked and slapped around, the guys dumped their loads all over her face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: April Dawn 3

The teen queen punish queen, April Dawn, is back for more Face Fucking. She is offering up her ass today as tribute, but now that Sam is on the roster, she doesn’t know what she’s in for. Bootleg and Sam roughed her up while she was on her knees, having a cock down her throat. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. As the action continued, they drilled their cocks deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. They gaped her ass and fucked her in both holes. After they were done destroying her throat, they unleashed their loads all over her face leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: Kimberly Kane 2

Kimberly Kane cames back to do a 2nd Face Fucking scene. She is tied up from the start and was unable to do anything as cocks went down her throat. She didn’t know what to expect and is soon getting very emotional as her tonsils get bashed over and over again. The guys then proceeded to fuck her in her tight little asshole. After they were done destroying her throat, the guys nutted on her face as she sat there covered in cum for all to see.

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Face Fucking Presents: Roni Marie

This bald dyke whore, Roni Marie, thinks that just because having rough sex at home with her boyfriend, she thinks she can handle business on FaceFucking.com. She claims to like it rough… but she turns to tears as soon as she gets cocks shoved down her throat. You would think she’s about this life with her dyke buzz haircut and alt tattoos. Once she got through the brutal face fucking, this Vegas stripper gets her tight pussy drilled. Then she sat on the floor and takes a huge cumshot facial.

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Face Fucking Presents: Skye Avery 3

For a whore to come back 3 times within 4 months, she must really love this kind of stuff. Skye Avery is back and this time she got to spill her guts, which is no easy task for a deep throat queen. Jay D had her all to himself and used up all her holes however he wanted. He fucked her in the ass so deep, you can see it go right through her pussy. This is a must watch scene from this Face Fucking alum.

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