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April Sparxxx is one of those decent looking whores that once they open their mouth you realize how dumb they are. She is here to get brutally face fucked until she was a teary mess. She was crying throughout the whole throat fucking. Her pussy is then gaped open and fucked deep and hard. Once she was done getting deep throated and slapped around, she is left with a huge load of cum on her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Momoko

Momoko is a mix of Japanese and something else, which we don’t know what that is. She’s a good Japanese whore, bowing to the imperialist white cock. She takes that big cock all the way to the back of her throat and gags hard. She is in tears as she bowed again. Her tight pussy is then ripped up hard before she gets two wads of jizz all over her pretty little face as she sat there whimpering and humbled.

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Face Fucking Presents: Kathryn

Kathryn is a skilled martial artist and is covered in tattoos, you’d think she can take the abuse but she’s a real softie. She’s never done anything so extreme and tonight she is pushed beyond her limits by taking the cock down her throat. She spewed all over whore bowl as she gets face fucked. Then her pussy is ripped up real good before she takes a nice big load on her face.

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Alla is a blonde whore and is here to get her face fucked by hard cocks. She chokes and gags as it penetrates her all the way down her throat. After they pumped her mouth, she gets bent over and is nailed doggystyle. Then she gets a heavy coat of hot jizz all over her face before they sent her packing.

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Face Fucking Presents: Evelyn Jacobs

Evelyn Jacobs is a cute looking whore who is obedient and dumb. She followed directions very well, especially when we told her to hold her head so that her throat could fit a hard cock all the way down to the balls. Then she bends over to exposed her shaved pussy and gets pounded in the rear before taking 2 huge humiliaiting loads to the face.

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