Facial Abuse Presents: Submissive And Overwhelmed

This cute whore gets roughed up while she was on her knees, having cocks down her throat. It goes so deep, she began spewing some weird yellow stuff. With each stroke of the cock, her face gets covered with it. She took all the FacialAbuse treatment that was given to her; swallowed yellow d, she was double penetrated, then cleaned her ass from the cock. After her holes were used and abused, she sat down and a load of cum was dumped on her head. It was then followed with another, and another. Jizz dripped off of her face, and you could see her self respect dripping off with it.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: The Missing Link

Hard angry white cocks slams the back on this black bitch’s throat over and over. All sorts of noises came out of her mouth during the face fucking as she chugs down the white dicks. The guys are serious about destroying her throat, she spewed some unrecognizable stuff coming out of her mouth, which they poured over her head towards the end of the scene. After they were done destroying her throat, they all nutted on her face and she sat there covered in cum for all to see.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Corn Holed Cowgirl

This cowgirl is hick as fuck, with her cowgirl hat and T-bone belt buckle. This 18 years old is fresh out of the bullpen and is on Facial Abuse to swallow yellow discipline and some cocks. Bootleg and Jay D rammed her mouth with their cocks and they continuously face fuck her all the way down to the balls. After the rough throat fucking, her ass is gaped hard, and with their dicks, she is double penetrated in her ass and her pussy. Then they dumped their loads all over this country whore’s face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Going Buckwheat

Two white dicks slamming the back of this black bitch’s throat. Watch as she get abused by Bootleg and Jay D. They make her gag and choke so hard that she pukes her lunch all over the whore bowl. They are not messing around, they go balls deep into her face. After the brutal face fucking, the guys took turns slamming her pussy. Throughout the entire time she is getting fucked, she yells about what a dirty little slut she is. She takes 3 loads to the face, along with some spit and yellow d before they sent her packing.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Black Girl Magic

This tiny 19 year old ebony whore does face fucking for the first time on GhettoGaggers. She gets humiliated and degraded by two white dicks who show no compassion as they penetrate her skull, making her choke and gag hard. After taking the rough throat fucking, the guys took turns stretching out her tight pussy. She took a good pounding and that tight pussy was toppled by a big thrusting cock. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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