Face Fucking Presents: Jade Rose

This fat disgusting whore is Jade Rose and the things she’ll do for attention, it’s shameful. But I have to say she’s a real sweetheart. After giving her some sweet treats, this whore really gave us a good scene. The guys slammed their cocks down her throat and she choked and gagged as she takes the cocks down to the balls. Her sex game was pretty sweaty. Then once all the degrading and humiliating was done, she takes a big load of cum in her face.

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Latina Throats Presents: Jasmine Gomez

Today on LatinaThroats is Jasmine Gomez. This puta has had a really rough life seeing as her biological parents gave her up and her adoptive parents don’t approve of her whoring herself out. They can’t really be blamed for that seeing as they took in an unwanted child, raised her, and now she’s nothing more than a scumbag whore. Anyhow, if any of you are severely fucked in the head, this one’s for you. It’s misery, puke, lost innocence, and a hot chick all rolled up into one. You may not even be able to sleep and get nightmares from it, but they won’t be as terrible as Jasmine’s.

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