Black On Black Crime Presents: Feathers Not Dots

Some bitches have nerve, but this one takes the cake. Let’s just say that this red bone queen’s original headwear was cumbersome. Just because she’s light skin, she thinks she can do some dumb shit like this… but don’t worry. Rome, fueled by the beat of the hood and some Four Loko, took out his frustration on her throat and pussy… stretching it to the max with big black dick. You gotta watch these light skin queens. They don’t recognize themselves as black, sometimes. Sometimes, they need they ass whooped. She was punished. Score one for the hood.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Unstable Hood Hooker

This whore is a hot petite fuck stick. She’s a wanna-be porn star who got dicked down today. She thought she’d done a lot of shit but nothing compared to what she experienced with Rome Major’s fat dick down her throat.

She got face fucked and slapped around so hard that she lost her damn wig. He then was able to palm her little head to ensure that he goes deep in her mouth. All kinds of slop came out, making her a complete mess.

Then he took her for a ride of her life, bouncing her tiny frame on him. After her holes were used and abused, she sat down and a load of cum was dumped on her head.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Wakanda Is Weeping

Here is a 22 year old ebony slut. She’s naturally submissive, which is good, because Rome Major is naturally dominant. Shit went beserk as the two met. It’s obvious that this whore had crammed some hard pipe down her throat before because she took his cock incredibly comfortable.

Her tight sperm box was blown out by his big black dick. He was on a mission to destroy that pussy. By the end of the scene, he spurt his big load all over her face.

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Black on Black Crime Presents: Back In Black

Black on Black Crime is back in business and Rome Major is making a triumphant return detroying these bitches throats. Today, we paired him with this whore with big titties. He goes hard on her, fucking up her day by shoving his dick down her throat, which caused her to lose her luch over and over again.

After destroying her throat, he proceeded to fuck her in the pussy in all different positions. She took a good pounding and that pussy was toppled by a big thrusting cock. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Daisy

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Daisy has done GhettoGaggers before and now she’s doing BlackOnBlackCrime. She was nothing but problems when she shot for GG and it’s disappointing that she’s shooting for BOBC now. Basically Daisy is one of those whores who you can easily despise. Spooky was well aware of her issues and that he had to totally break this skanks spirit. Luckily he was up for the task and he did just that. He took his big long black cock and shoved it down her throat until her stomach contents came spewing out. Seeing as she made a mess, he then rubbed her face in the puke. This dumb bitch hated every second of that. Spooky saw that and unleashed a fury of slaps to her face to put her in her place. This is a fantastic scene.

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