Black On Black Crime Presents: Daisy

Daisy has done GhettoGaggers before and now she’s doing BlackOnBlackCrime. She was nothing but problems when she shot for GG and it’s disappointing that she’s shooting for BOBC now. Basically Daisy is one of those whores who you can easily despise. Spooky was well aware of her issues and that he had to totally break this skanks spirit. Luckily he was up for the task and he did just that. He took his big long black cock and shoved it down her throat until her stomach contents came spewing out. Seeing as she made a mess, he then rubbed her face in the puke. This dumb bitch hated every second of that. Spooky saw that and unleashed a fury of slaps to her face to put her in her place. This is a fantastic scene.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Cassino

Cassino walked into the BlackOnBlackCrime studio and the first thing you can notice about her is her “Howard the Duck” lips. Not saying that having big ass ghetto lips is a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing as they’re useful when sucking big black cock. She’s also one hell of a nasty cunt who is down for anything which scores points with Rome seeing as he’s a freaky fucker. He decided to put Cassino to the test by making her eat her own snot, drinking her own puke, slapping her around like she just stole something, and treating her like she was nothing more than a piece of shit. This whore is so fucked up that at the end as she’s covered in a cum facial, she asks to do it all again. You’ll love this shoot.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Africa

Holy fuck what a BlackOnBlackCrime shoot! Africa really nailed this performance. Her throat worked overtime and her stomach produced so much puke it’s unbelievable. Rome held nothing back and laid a ghetto smackdown on this whore that would make the first pimp ever proud. Seriously. it’ll leave you shaking your head. This has to be one of the most rough, hardcore scenes ever and Africa finished it like a pro. If you like puking, crying, slapping, and gagging, you don’t want to miss this one.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Bianca Starr

Biana Starr is nothing more than a black skank from Philly whose pimp is making her do BlackOnBlackCrime. She’s a small hood rat and doesn’t have the body that’s able to take a good beating, but she got one anyway. Bianca walked in with a hairy cunt, like 70’s hairy which was totally unacceptable. So this whore was made to shave her bush off. It’s so disgusting when a hoe doesn’t give a shit about her personal appearance. This chick also has no self esteem which is always a plus. Bianca was pitted up against 2 huge black guys who took turns having their way with her. By the time it was all over, Bianca was covered in spit, vomit, and jizz.

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Black On Black Crime Presents: Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown is a hottie who is actually down with the abuse dished out on BlackOnBlackCrime. She LOVES the rough shit however, she wasn’t ready for what Rome planned for her. He came out with his pimp game strong and laid a hardcore pimp slap on Coffee. Within a minute this whore learned her place and fell in line. Rome throat fucked her until she gagged and puked on his cock. He made her slurp up that vomit like it was dinner time. To add to her already bad day, she was slapped around like a damn rag doll. When the skank has a bad day, it makes for a great one for you perverts. This scene is amazing and Coffee Brown takes the punishment like a champ.

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