Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Commie Cocksucker

Ebony whore is a real slut gagging on two white dicks on GhettoGaggers. She takes them real deep down her throat. And to make the face fucking extra delicious, she got face fucked through a juicy watermelon. It also served as a mask to protect from the covid-19. By the end of the scene, she took 3 nasty loads to the face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Big Dick Energy

Here’s a hijab-wearin’ whore who is hungry for anything. She starts the scene by eating a piece of chicken then washed it down with some yellow discipline. She then takes the giant cock down her throat until she was a mess. After the brutal face fucking, she takes the big cock in her ass and squirted. Once it was all done, she ends up with a creamy load of jizz all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: BLM

Here’s a black whore who got her throat fucked hard, deep and fast, and is slapped around. Watch as Bootleg relentlessly stuff his cock down her throat, making her choke and gag, spewing all over her face. As soon as she was done getting smacked around and face fucked until she was breathless, her pussy gets pounded nice and deep. After she swallowed some yellow discipline, she sat on the floor and took two huge load of jizz all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: JuneTeefs

Here’s a black whore giving a blowjob on Juneteenth. She gets on her knees and gets roughed up with a huge cock down her throat. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. She was gagged so hard, she spewed all over her face, covered in white slop. After taking the throat invasion by a big cock, her pussy was stretched too. You can tell how much she loved the huge cock in her pussy and once she was done getting destroyed, she sat on the floor and took a huge load to the face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: All Lives Matter

All lives matter, especially when you get a hard cock down your throat. This black bitch needs to be punished for looting and this hard white cock did all the punishing. She made a sloppy mess as she gets her throat deeply penetrated. As the action continued, they drilled their cocks deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. After her holes were used and abused, she sat down and took two loads of cum on her head.

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