Facial Abuse Presents: Almost BBW

This BBW was totally destroyed in this scene. Watch as she takes on two hard cocks as she opens her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. As the action continued, the guys drilled their cocks deep in her ass, then shoves it in her mouth for a cleaning. Her face says it all. She then takes both cocks at the same time in a double penetration and by the end of the scene, she sat on the floor and took 3 humiliating loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Colon Plumber

You know things are serious when the gloves are off and bust out the plumbing tools. The guys poured some yakk from the intense face fucking into her asshole. They filled it up so much that it exploded like an asshole fountain. She then gets double penetrated and was treated like a nasty whore that she is, swallowing some yellow d before sitting on the floor to take multiple loads of jizz to the face. This is must see you can’t miss.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Androgynous Lummox

An androgynous slut got face fucked hard by two hard dicks. Her throat was bashed over and over until she made a complete mess all over herself. She takes it in the ass nice and good too, then gets another dick in her pussy in a double penetration. The guys continues to destroy her until it was time to dump their loads all over her face.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Bow To The Bowl

Here’s an Asian whore whose job is to serve and provide her holes to be used and abused by men. She’s here to get her face fucked by two cocks, the guys don’t waste time as they just shoved their cocks down her throat, making her gag. Her throat gets stuffed before her pussy gets used too. By the end of the scene, she takes 3 loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Presents: DP’d And Triple D’s

Extreme face fucking for this whore and she gets titty fucked too with her big ass titties. The guys took turns shoving their cocks down her throat, making her spew all over the place. As soon as she was done getting face fucked and slapped around, she was fucked in the pussy and ass in a double penetration. By the end of the scene, she took 3 nasty loads to the face and all the slop from the whore bowl was dumped all over her head.

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