Radical Jizzlam Presents: Sacred Puffy Nipples

If a woman has nice puffy nipples, that is one thing the Caliph looks for. And he sees this whore with a good quality breasts, he bumped her to the front of the line to be converted. She gets on her knees, praying to Pecca, and she sucked it nice and good, too. He took off her shirt to show more of her breasts and it bobbed up and down as she took the Caliph’s cock in her mouth. She took the milk of paradise in her mouth and gargled it before swallowing.

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Ebony Cum Dumps Presents: Strictly Business

Ebony Hooker whore is here to suck on a hard white dick on EbonyCumDumps.com. She is on her knees very quickly sucking white cock like a true whore. She bobs her little chicken head until it fires into her mouth. She played with it, swallowed it, and walks off. And just like that she walks off to the bathroom and hurls the load into the toilet.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Puppy Wags Her Tail

Looking super cute with that dog collar around her neck, this ebony whore is here to do some puppy tricks; rolling over, sitting up and wagging her tail. Like an obedient puppy she took a couple of cocks down her throat. The guys were like the Cesar Milan of training whores. She took everything we could throw out her, and she just keeps coming back for more. She loves to be punished, and it shows. The guys destroyed her and she made a complete mess and took 4 loads to the face as she was gagging on Cockford Ollie.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Took Her To Brown Town


This sassy black whore is about to experience hardcore anal fucking like never before on GhettoGaggers. Before this shoot, she’s only had 2 boyfriends who fucked her in the ass, but tender and lovingly. And here comes the ole dirty Bootleg who gave her the t-painal. The look on her face when he went up in her ass is unforgettable. He teared it up good.

She got her throat fucked hard, deep and fast, and is slapped around. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well as some yellow d whenever she act the fool, and that seemed to keep her on track. After they were done destroying her throat, they all nutted on her face and she sat there covered in cum for all to see.

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Black Payback Presents: Whitey Don’t Understand


This white gagging bitch gets fucked up real bad on BlackPayback. She was taken to her absolute limits and then pushed over the edge. Rico Strong skull fucked this white whore into absolute submission. She is choking and gagging as his cock bashed against the back of her throat, banging on her fucking tonsils. She could barely handle such extreme deep throating and ended spewing up saliva all over the BBC.

After she was face fucked, Rico drilled his cock deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. Then he dumped his load all over her pretty face.

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