Facial Abuse Presents: Tune In Tokyo

Submissive Asian whore is here to get her face fucked into absolute submission. She gets on her knees sucking the hard cocks like a true whore. Things got real as the cocks slammed right down the back of her throat. After the brutal face fucking, her pussy gets pounded nice and hard. She then gets that face covered in jizz at the end as she sat there crying as if she dishonored her loved one.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Puppy Wags Her Tail

Looking super cute with that dog collar around her neck, this ebony whore is here to do some puppy tricks; rolling over, sitting up and wagging her tail. Like an obedient puppy she took a couple of cocks down her throat. The guys were like the Cesar Milan of training whores. She took everything we could throw out her, and she just keeps coming back for more. She loves to be punished, and it shows. The guys destroyed her and she made a complete mess and took 4 loads to the face as she was gagging on Cockford Ollie.

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Facial Abuse Presents: An Emo Gets Emo

Aggressive face fucking for this busty emo whore. Just look how rough things get as these two angry cocks are forced down the back of her throat over and over again. But she couldn’t handle the cocks being stuffed in her throat and she was overwhelmed with all the yellow D that was coming out of the cocks. So at the end of the scene, the guys dumped her slop from the whore bowl all over her head and gave her some more yellow D before they sent her packing.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Took Her To Brown Town


This sassy black whore is about to experience hardcore anal fucking like never before on GhettoGaggers. Before this shoot, she’s only had 2 boyfriends who fucked her in the ass, but tender and lovingly. And here comes the ole dirty Bootleg who gave her the t-painal. The look on her face when he went up in her ass is unforgettable. He teared it up good.

She got her throat fucked hard, deep and fast, and is slapped around. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well as some yellow d whenever she act the fool, and that seemed to keep her on track. After they were done destroying her throat, they all nutted on her face and she sat there covered in cum for all to see.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Irreverence And Sodomy

This whore was suspended and whipped, the guys shoved their cocks down her throat until she coughed up some information into the whore bowl. This total slut was double teamed in this throat fucking scene that made her choke and gag her guts out as they took turns to brutally fuck her face. The guys taught her modesty and she learned the hard way by getting destroyed.

She was then put on all fours and was throat fucked hard while taking another cock inserted deep inside her ass from behind. Once the guys got the vibe that all her holes had been abused enough, they sat her on the ground and shot load after load of cum onto her slutty little face.

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