Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Pregnant And Punished

This black whore has breasts that are big and supple, her nipples are dark chocolate and puffy. She is 5 months pregnant and is on GhettoGaggers to get destroyed by hard white dicks. Bootleg and Sam started off having her face beaten with their hard cocks and it intensifies from there. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. Her throat was fucked in all different angles, messing up that face of hers with slobber and spit. Then they proceeded to fuck her in her tight little pussy, causing a disturbance in her womb. By the end, the guys dumped their loads all over her face. She sits there thinking what a good mom she’s going to be.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Facial Abuse Fanatics

Fans of FacialAbuse are going to love this scene. This 19 year old takes on two big dicks down her throat and swallow some of the yellow d. Bootleg and Sam roughed her up while she was on her knees, having cocks down her throat. She got face fucked so hard, she filled up the whore bowl with her slop. The excitement on her eyes became tepid as the cocks thrusted in her throat. And whenever the guys needed a bathroom break, they used her mouth as a toilet. It was overwhelming for her but she hung in there. At the end, her face was covered with 2 creamy loads and then her face was dunked in the whore bowl filled with all her slop.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Gives Me Your Vittles

Slapped, spit on and throat fucked, this ghetto bitch gets a rough Ghetto Gaggers treatment. Watch as she gets her throat penetrated by hard white dicks going deep in her gullet, making her choke and gag. She is face fucked in various angles as the guys took turns bashing the back of her throat. After the intense rough throat fucking, her pussy gets pounded nice and hard before her face gets covered in a huge load of jizz.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Her Forehead Tells A Tale

This whore likes it up the ass so much that she has the word “fuck you” tattooed around her asshole. She had 3 guys take turns fucking her ass. You would hear her whimper and moan at every thrust. It wasn’t much anal, but it was enough for the guys to destroy it. She then gets the most extreme face fucking she’s ever gotten as the cocks make her gag and choke. The guy wrote “Piss Face” on her forehead written in red lipstick. She was treated for some yellow discipline as the guys emptied their bladder into her mouth. It was overwhelming for her that at the end of the scene, she took 3 humiliating loads all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Mind Fucked

A submissive whore is here on to get face fucked by a hard white dick. She quickly gets on her knees sucking the white cock like a true whore. Things got nastier as the white cock is slammed right down the back of her throat. This is such an epic scene, to watch her throat get destroyed the way it did. She took cock down her throat and made a mess. After the intense throat fucking, she gets her pussy fucked good and hard, and by the end of the scene she took two facials and a yellow d. Then all the slop was dumped on her head from the whore bowl.

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