Facial Abuse Presents: Respect and Admiration

Let’s face it, it’s not often we get models who are excellent writers, adult industry advocates, and a current member of a prominent adult performer support group. Somebody pinch my nipple and tell me i’m not dreaming. Not to mention, a woman who is master of her own domain and her craft, and who is actually pretty witty I might add. That does not mean we didn’t slap her around, fuck both her holes, jam dicks down her throat until whore tears began to well up and spill over her eyelids. A DP and a huge anal gaper left her thirsty for 3 loads, and then she explains all the benefits of semen for the skin. Somebody high five her for me—after she licks her fingers clean.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Hick and Two Dicks

Nothing like a deep south hick who sounds like a wigger. It begs the question, is she a deep south hick? Or a wigger? One does not know. We must refer to her clothes; but ohh wait, she’s a whore and wearing a long sleeved wife beater hand cut like she went through a wood chipper. I don’t understand a word she’s saying, so let’s just say she is white, not otherwise specified. She took dick down her throat like a champ, and this was her first scene. So let’s make this bitch a mayonnaise sandwich and give a shout out to whispering cyclones mobile acres!

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Facial Abuse Presents: Pendulous Cow Tits

It’s nice to see a hooker gain some healthy weight that goes right to the tits and ass. She has a nice big pair of undulating utters that are fun to squeeze and slap around like a California Cuck. Her big fake lips were specifically done for this shoot to form a better seal around the cock. It’s straight up sexy when a woman objectifies herself, simply for the fleeting facade of beauty, and the subhuman task of being face fucked, but meh; it is what it is and thank you Zeus for providing such an object to stick our dicks into. Her throat, mouth, ass and pussy were pillaged like a Walgreen’s in a riot. Her ass juice was thoroughly embedded on the fire helmet of Bootlegs dick. She didn’t even bother to check: she just put it in her mouth with a smirk like a dirty little ass to mouth slut. Slapped up, and sat down, her forehead became a landing strip for 3 loads. She took the degrading semen shots to the face like she knew her roll, because after all, she did.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Another Shoot Another Pound

You might as well shoot a video with a whore who is renting out space in the studio. We let her out when we open the door every so often. She’s a little pudgier since the last time she was here. She was bound the entire time during the shoot and sodomized her too. She spewed some black stuff while being face fucked. It was pretty disgusting.

As soon as she was done getting smacked around and face fucked until she was breathless, she bends over to expose her tight little ass and gets pounded in the rear while her throat gets invaded by another cock. Then the guys dumped their loads on her face and then they sent her packing.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Skin Bones and Bolt Ons

This hot busty whore took on some pretty big cocks, and swallowed them all down to the balls for most of the time. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well, and that seemed to keep her on track.

After the rough throating, she made her asshole and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. Then her face was covered with 2 huge loads of jizz, which she ate.

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