Black Payback Presents: Edomite Slave Training

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Black Payback Presents: Debil Bitch

Here’s an out of control slut who gets her throat penetrated by a big black cock on BlackPayback. She is face fucked in various positions that made her choke and gag. Not only does she gets her throat slammed but her pussy gets pounded too. She is such a total slut, she gets her face covered in a load of cum leaving it dripping with jizz.

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Black Payback Presents: Teaching Moments

This whore thought it was her time to shine and started singing some tunes until a big black dick shut her up. It didn’t waste any time making this bitch gag as the cock annihilate her throat over and over again. She was taught some African history while being face fucked, then her pussy gets pounded nice and hard until she creamed all over the cock. By the end of the scene, her face gets covered in a huge load of jizz.

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Black Payback Presents: Bilbo vs BBC

This little spinner is here to take on a big  black dick on He pulled out his cock and slammed it to the back of her throat. She was so obedient and did all the things that she was told to do. She’s a complete mess as the BBC continues to force itself down her throat. After being throat fucked and slapped around, her pussy gets drilled nice and deep before her waiting face gets a messy load of cum.

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Black Payback Presents: Whitey Don’t Understand


This white gagging bitch gets fucked up real bad on BlackPayback. She was taken to her absolute limits and then pushed over the edge. Rico Strong skull fucked this white whore into absolute submission. She is choking and gagging as his cock bashed against the back of her throat, banging on her fucking tonsils. She could barely handle such extreme deep throating and ended spewing up saliva all over the BBC.

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