Facial Abuse Presents: Tune In Tokyo

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Facial Abuse Presents: Tears of Soy

This little Asian whore came to the FacialAbuse studio in a 6 degree weather and the next thing you know, she’s chugging down on two hard cocks. This 19 year old took the dick all the way down her throat as she grabbed herself by the throat to jerk off the cock that was inside. What a whore she is. By the end of her tourment, she took a huge creamy load of jizz to the face and dumped a bowl full of her slop over her head.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Asian, But Not Asian Enough

Here is an Asian whore who doesn’t look Asian. Everything about her is Asian though; her name, she speaks Vietnamese and has a pin straight hair. Bootleg and Bruno had a blast face fucking her as she was making all these noises that she pukes up Asian cuisine all over the whore bowl. Then her pussy gets drilled nice and hard too. She loves getting slammed deep in her pussy and getting slapped across the mouth. Once she was done getting face fucked, she sat on the floor and took 3 loads to the face.

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Facial Abuse Presents: Sum Ting Wong

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