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Not very long ago, breeding a blonde’s lilly white ass would have gotten us Kings into all sorts of problems. You’ve heard all the tales and seen all the images, but without Brother Farrakhan’s tireless efforts and the help of white cucks like Adam Kinzinger, who genuinely knelt in service of our cause, none of this would have been possible. This cavewoman had to get down on her knees and open her mouth to receive some yellow punishment. I discovered that most restrooms are white as I was going to the bathroom. Then I raped her and turned her into a latte-loving disaster. Then we roasted her on a spit, and she started to eat my black ass like she was looking for something she had never seen before.

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This pale cave dweller wasn’t ready for the BBC today! She was a brave ally, taking it deep to fight systemic oppression. With her pink lips and white face, she looked like Gollum with a catfish in her mouth. Except instead of a fish, I blew my nuts all over her and she ate them up like a fiend.

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