Facial Abuse Presents: Her Forehead Tells A Tale

This whore likes it up the ass so much that she has the word “fuck you” tattooed around her asshole. She had 3 guys take turns fucking her ass. You would hear her whimper and moan at every thrust. It wasn’t much anal, but it was enough for the guys to destroy it. She then gets the most extreme face fucking she’s ever gotten as the cocks make her gag and choke. The guy wrote “Piss Face” on her forehead written in red lipstick. She was treated for some yellow discipline as the guys emptied their bladder into her mouth. It was overwhelming for her that at the end of the scene, she took 3 humiliating loads all over her face.

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Facial Abuse Presents: An Emo Gets Emo

Aggressive face fucking for this busty emo whore. Just look how rough things get as these two angry cocks are forced down the back of her throat over and over again. But she couldn’t handle the cocks being stuffed in her throat and she was overwhelmed with all the yellow D that was coming out of the cocks. So at the end of the scene, the guys dumped her slop from the whore bowl all over her head and gave her some more yellow D before they sent her packing.

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Busty Emo Whore Destroyed on FacialAbuse.com