Black On Black Crime Presents: Daisy

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Daisy has done GhettoGaggers before and now she’s doing BlackOnBlackCrime. She was nothing but problems when she shot for GG and it’s disappointing that she’s shooting for BOBC now. Basically Daisy is one of those whores who you can easily despise. Spooky was well aware of her issues and that he had to totally break this skanks spirit. Luckily he was up for the task and he did just that. He took his big long black cock and shoved it down her throat until her stomach contents came spewing out. Seeing as she made a mess, he then rubbed her face in the puke. This dumb bitch hated every second of that. Spooky saw that and unleashed a fury of slaps to her face to put her in her place. This is a fantastic scene.

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