Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Leisha Lush 2

This 18 year old ebony whore Leisha Lush makes a bad choice in life by returning to Ghetto Gaggers for a 2nd time. Today she takes on Pauly Harker and Sam Cox as they shove their cocks down her throat until she pukes all over their cocks. They slammed her pussy nice and hard until the guys were ready to dump their load all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Leisha Lush

Unlike any other ghetto whores that comes to the studio, Leisha Lush is intelligent, attractive and fit who is throwing her life away by blowing chunks and sucking off strangers cocks. She thinks that this type of porn is “fun” and most times whores like to bullshit but Leisha actually enjoyed herself tonight. As soon as the cocks went down her throat, what little she had in her belly came rushing out with every pump of fat white cocks down her throat. She was a complete mess. Then her tight pussy was slammed with Jay D and Sam’s cock meat. She took it like a good girl when Sam pushed his soda can sized cock in her cunt. When the guys were done with her, they dumped their loads all over her face.

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