Face Fucking Presents: Maci May 2

It was 3 months ago that Maci May was here the last time and now she’s back looking better and healthier. But looks can be deceiving since this whore is bat shit crazy. She was sent off the deep end after dating a guy that she loved for months who dumped her. How will she win him back? By stop being a whore. Her mental instability makes for great porn. She was a good submissive whore as Pauly shoved his cock down her throat until she became a sloppy mess. He then slams his cock in her pussy before he unleashed his load all over her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Maci May

Maci May is a boring looking whore but a wild fucking porn pig. She’s one of those quiet ones that we have to watch out for. Maci is a good bitch that she took some hard dicks down her throat. This is as rough as it gets as the balls are bouncing off her chin as she gags and chokes on the big cocks. After the rough throat fucking, she made her ass and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. You can tell that she loved it. Once the guys were done with her, they sat her on the floor and shot load after load of cum all over her face.

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