Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Collared And Collard Greens

This collard green eatin’ collared sista has some major attitude. But that didn’t stop the white boys from shoving their cocks down her throat. Their cocks go in so deep that she ends up puking. They took turns on her throat, removing the sass from her moving head/neck/mouth. After the intense throat fucking, her pussy gets pounded nice and hard before taking a creamy load to the face.

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Black Payback Presents: Apology Not Accepted


This cracker bitch thinks she’s helping the marginalized Black Queen who has suffered immeasurably by marching down the block when she really ain’t. What she’s really doing is preventing me from gettin to work on time to hold it down for my fam. She took the punishment well as the 13 inch black dick down her throat. She was completely destroyed as she puked all over the dick as she was getting face fucked. She apologized for what her ancestors did as she took a creamy load to the face.

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Black Payback Presents: Pale Clown

This pale lookin’ ‘hoe is subjected to the most extreme face fucking, taking the big black dick so deep down her throat that she ends up spewing her slop. She’s very submissive and lets Rico Strong do whatever he wants with her throat, ravaging her pink lil throat. She gets her face painted like a clown and continues to get face fucked hard.

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Black Payback Presents: #WhiteLivesDontMatter

Scrawny Cave Dwelling bih learns that Black Lives Matter more. Brother Rico slays the Edomite esophagus n’ pussy with his BBC like the tickler that whipped our ancestors. He grabbed this colonizer by the neck n’ use it as a stroker; dis honkey gets her bile covered face bitch slapped n’ choked till her eyes glaze the fuck over like she was watching roots for the first time! While whimpering, “Black Is Better,” like an obedient lil wet dog smellin bih, she scampers around wherever the superior black king commands. In her rightful place she finds liberation from her burdensome white guilt, and accepts her new place at the bottom of the totem pole.

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BlackPayback Presents: ANTIFA Bih

Check out this update, this whore covered in tattoos and makeup she is used like a cheap sex toy, Rico Strong abusing her throat, slamming it like a tight pussy. Her makeup pours down her face as the throat fucking intensifies. He fucked her face good, making her gag hard all over his cock.

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