Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Sade Sparx

The best quitter of the year goes to this whore, Sade Sparx. She thought she could cut it as a porn star, but Pauly Harker put her in her place by slamming his cock down her throat. The scene was so intense for her that she couldn’t last fifteen minutes with Pauly’s huge cock expanding her throat to new limits. Of course she can’t leave Ghetto Gaggers without getting her face covered in a huge load of jizz.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Lola Bricks

Lola Bricks is an 18 year old who was dealt a real blow tonight. Pauly and Jay D shoved their cocks down her throat and slapped her face several times before she tapped out. It would’ve been great to see her ass get used and abused but unfortunately she could last for only 5 minutes. At least the guys ruined this whore’s life, even for a few minutes, then they unleashed their loads all over her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Natalie Ava

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Natalie Ava is a bizarre but lovable person. She is going through life, expressing herself and thought doing porn would be a good idea. She was literally talking to herself about wanting to be a porn star one minute, next minute she wanted out. Too bad she ended up tapping out. She even rambled on while she gets two loads hitting her face. This would have been one for the record books if she would’ve hung in there.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Li Golden

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Li Golden was doing so well getting her face fucked by two white cocks, but it ended very quickly. She said she wanted to be a porn star but decided she didn’t want to when she gets two guys ramming their cocks down her throat. She’s a chubby whore who carries her weight well, too bad she’s a quitter. But before she left, we gave her a parting gift… two huge loads of creamy jizz all over her face.

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Ghetto Gaggers Presents: Passion Rose

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This ghetto whore is Passion Rose who is doing porn to make extra money for college. So the guys shoved their cocks down her throat which made her gag and choke. The face fucking was so intense for her that she quits. At the end, her mom, who happens to drop her off at the studio, was convinced to come and sit behind her daughter while Bootleg and Harker shoot their load all over her face. Her mom held her head so that the cumwould land nicely. This was all unscripted. And this is not like any other tap-outs we’ve had.

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