Face Fucking Presents: Lucy Levon

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This hot Asian whore Lucy Levon should be playing piano or doing mathematics or something, but instead she is on her knees getting extremely face fucked. Her husband is a huge fan of Facial Abuse, so its an honor to have us destroy her. For someone who is as tiny as her, she can sure take a beating. She took Big Red’s cock balls deep and ends up puking all over herself. After the rough throat fucking, sits on Red’s cock and rides it deep. Then she gets her face covered in a huge load of jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: Delilah

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Delilah is cute brunette and she’s one of the first whores that don’t puke during an extreme face fucking. Big Red shoved his man meat down her throat like a freakin’ beast, but she wouldn’t spill out her stomach contents. Then he bent her over and went to town on her pussy. It was in that moment that we knew this whore loved sex, even the ones that are degrading and humiliating. She got more wetter and turned on as Big Red slapped and choked her. Once he was done with her he unleashed a huge load of jizz all over her face.

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Face Fucking Presents: Ivy Monroe

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This red head has a big booty and red hair like Carrot Top. Ivy Monroe has never been face fucked the way Big Red does it. He shoved his huge cock right down the back of her throat. She’s so overwhelmed getting face fucked from one position to the next, choking and gagging while the cocks rips up her throat aggressively. After getting throat fucked and slapped around her pussy gets pounded hard before her face gets covered in hot jizz.

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Face Fucking Presents: Layla

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Layla is American Indian and she is here to do her first porno. She is getting the deep throat fucking from hell, these guys really drill into her throat. She is skull fucked so hard that she bursts into tears! She was also in tears when the cock enters her ass for the first time. Then the guys cream all over her face, leaving her degraded and humiliated like never before!

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Face Fucking Presents: Zaydi J

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Zaydi J is an Italian submissive whore and that she’ll do anything you ask of her. This face fucking scene was brutally intense, so much so that she ended up puking up pasta all over the guy’s dick. She was slapped around and then throat fucked until she was in tears. She realized that this was a whole different level when she gets fucked extremely hard. She was a sport though and took it like a champ. Then her face is coated with a huge load of cum.

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